Acupressure for Horses

Trainer Dani Patrick of Midnight Farms

Description of Techniques used in an Equine Acupressure Session



TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was developed over 4000 years ago as a preventive form of diagnostics designed to return life to a state of dynamic balance. According to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, the basic premise of TCM is that “everything is made out of qi, or life force, and that we influence the movement of this qi in ourselves and in others in a myriad of ways.” Through stimulation and adjustment of qi we cause a shift in our client toward reorganization and regeneration and away from the original injury or illness.


The elements of TCM methodology are the 8 Principals, 5 Element Theory, 6 Divisions, the Flow of Qi, palpation, observation, and discussion with vet, trainer, or owner. Acupressure applies the theories of TCM and combines the manual stimulation of points to allow for a specific point combination and focus for each client. Additionally, magnets with a north and south pole are placed on specific point(s) or injury for tonification or sedation. Stimulating or working the points, meridians, or location areas is responsible for creating a change in the body system. Doing this encourages the whole horse.


The Theralaser (a “Cold Laser” with 904mm diodes and 210W peak infrared power) uses seven laser diodes to give a flashlight size beam of biostimulation. The Theralaser activates increased production of collagen at the cellular level. Simultaneously, the nerve endings are stimulated; giving a systemic, secondary effect resulting in the horse’s accelerated healing response. This healing happens in a absolutely non-invasive manner. The release of endorphins also appeases any latent pain. A Theralaser session greatly enhances healing time, diminish swelling, and relieves associated injury pain. These treatments are useful for the horse with an injury such as a pulled muscle, ligament/tendon, leg impact injury, bone injury, laminitis/foundering, abscessing, or otherwise unable to diagnose. For more information please see

Sports Therapy Massage

A Sports Therapy technique cultivated and mastered by Jack Meagher “that considers anything less than maximum efficiency to be a problem.” Any excess degree of muscle tightening, any spasm, adhesion, etc., which interferes with the free flow of oxygen into tissue and the flow of toxins out of the tissues, must have its effect upon total performance. Sports massage works to eliminate the developed restrictions. Deep pressure techniques are used on exact points called stress points that are first to break down during strenuous activity and are the last to recover.