Here are a few testimonials

"I met Elizabeth and her horse Titian, in the spring of 2017.  This is when they moved to Vista Del Mar Ranch in Moorpark, California.  I found her to be personable, professional, and talented.  I have been a business owner and a professional massage therapist for over twenty five years.  Since Elizabeth and I have a lot in common, it's easy to recognize her talents as a very skilled therapist.  She has an amazing ability to read the body with exact precision.  She is incredibly intuitive, kind, and patient when working with her patients.  Most importantly, is Elizabeth's love for her work and clients.  She cares deeply about you and the results.  She will adjust her technique, if needed, at each session to attain the right results for you, her patient.  I also know Elizabeth for her equine ability and healing talents with horses.  I asked her to work with my mare, Bell.  I have found that her acupressure sessions before the Chiropractic work has made the adjustment much more effective.  Bell has required fewer adjustments since I have been combing them with Elizabeth's acupressure session.  Plus, I see the enjoyment and relaxation in Bell when Elizabeth works on her.  It's rare to find someone with Elizabeth's abilities for healing.  I and Bell feel very lucky indeed!"

Bell and Sue Boecker

"As a former pro baseball player, bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman, and licensed chiropractor;  I've had a number of minor injuries from repetitive stress movements along with pains from every day life.

In the past, I have had the luxury of having many professional therapists work with me to stay optimally efficient.  It's very difficult to find someone reliable and physically intelligent enough to trust nowadays, but no one has been better than Elizabeth Cinney.

 After one treatment with Elizabeth I noticed a massive change in my everyday function and difference in my workouts.  My routinely acute pain decreased dramatically and the positive effects from her treatments were long lasting and comfortable.

Elizabeth is passionate and experienced,  She has a precise tactile sense as well as wonderful bed side manner with extreme care.  Her vast knowledge of the neuromusculoskeletal system is stellar.  She has integrated a combined mix of therapeutic and relaxation techniques to provide a phenomenal release of the body which she has blended over the years into her own art.  Her style has allowed her to increase the benefit of individuals results exponentially.

There is no doubt.  If you're looking for the best opportunity in helping your body become more vital and pain free.  Look no further.  Elizabeth Cinney is a miracle worker."

Dr. Ray DiBartolomeo